BikeFit was a garage startup focused on fitting cyclists correctly to their bikes. While they had a loyal following among elite athletes, the founders believed that they could capture a larger audience. BikeFit needed a roadmap for success. The fist step was to develop a set of brand principles for growth.
As the brand developed, the company found its mission in 'helping the bicycle disappear' under the rider. This led to a more tranquil experience while riding, and the brand identity launched from this zen-like mission.
As the brand gained momentum, they found new opportunities in supporting the bike fitting community. This led to the development of the first digital fitting tools available on smart devices. By navigating the intuitive UI, a bike fitting professional could cut their fitting time by up to 30%.
As BikeFit moved deeper in to supporting bike fitting professionals, their brand language naturally extended into physical products. The same intuitive interfaces found in the digital tools must now translate to real-world devices.
Having spent five years building from a garage-based service company to a robust product line for fitters and cyclists alike, the brand attracted interest from the largest bike distribution company in the US. The brand was purchased in 2020, and continues to develop innovative new tools today.

From Garage to Global

BikeFit was an innovative garage-based small business focused on using biomechanic principles to help cyclists to ride pain free. While they had a loyal following in the elite cycling community, they had difficulty expanding their message to a more profitable market.

Working with the husband & wife founders, we developed a multi-year development plan of increasing brand opportunities, with the initial project to identify key user groups and market channels. Once key targets were identified, the team continued to build out a robust brand presence, including logo design, packaging, web and app user interface, and physical product design.

Over the course of five years of consultancy, BikeFit expanded to a nationally recognized brand, and was recently acquired by the largest bike distribution company in the United States.

Project: Help a mom & pop business develop into a nationally recognized brand.

Duration: Periodic consultancy over the course of five years.

Result: Expanded to a nationally recognized brand, sold to the largest bicycle distribution company in the US.