Youth sports is a chaotic market. Most of the brands are seasonal small businesses that are hard to find, difficult to navigate, and confusing for both athletes and parents. That's why Delta Athletics undertook the mission to provide local, reliable sports training all-year long.
Because the competition was so scattered, the brand needed to display a reliable strength in their image. A brand roadmap was developed for a two-year time frame. The roadmap included developing a complete identity, a product launch schedule, and an annual marketing calendar for web, print and social.
The visual identity began with the idea that in scientific terms, 'Delta' means change, and is symbolized by a triangle. The icon struck a balance between three concepts: science-based change, a stable foundation, and a positive direction.
For a small business, web and mobile purchasing can make or break profitability, but typically requires extensive upfront costs to create. Working with an online sports facility software vendor for the back-end, and developing a responsive WordPress front-end, Delta is able to enroll all athletes online, and manage all family accounts without the need for outside technical assistance.
Over the last 18 months, Delta Athletics has a 90% occupancy rate for all its training programs in its Louisiana location, and opened a new facility in Tennesse in May of 2022.

A game everyone can play

The founders of Delta Athletics had been involved with youth sports for nearly 25 years, and they were tired of the broken promises made to young athletes. Too often families signed their athlete up to play on a traveling sports team, only to experience limited play, ever-changing schedules, minimal coaching involvement, and high travel costs.

That’s why Delta Athletics made three commitments to every client: professional coaching for every athlete, a local, consistent schedule, and budget-friendly monthly pricing. But attempting to deliver the message in a chaotic marketplace was a daunting task. Delta needed a brand persona that delivered reliable professionalism to the marketplace.

A complete brand identity, product roadmap, and marketing calendar were created to guide internal efforts. Over the course of 18 months Delta Athletics grew from a single facility to a business operating locations in two states.

Project: Build a reliable brand position for a rapidly-growing small business.

Duration: Ongoing periodic consultancy from 2020 until present.

Result: Stabilized sports training offerings in their markets, with a growth rate between 20-30% year over year.